Easter Basket Shrink Wrap

Easter Basket Shrink Wrap - Buy Easter Basket Shrink Wrap - Purchase Easter Basket Shrink Wrap (Century Novelty, Toys & Games,Categories,Party Supplies,Favors)
Easter Basket Shrink Wrap
Wrap your Baskets with Easter Style! The Basket Shrink Wrap is the perfect wrapping for your Easter party baskets. A great addition to any Easter or gift basket. Package includes shrink wrap and three color ribbons. Shrink wrap is 24″ long and 30″ wide. Each ribbon is 10′ long. Give your guests Easter baskets filled with fun! Don’t let any Easter party guest leave empty handed, give out Easter baskets and goody bags to all your party guests. Easter baskets and bags also make great raffle prizes and give-a-ways at your event. Fill Easter baskets with favors and gifts to make it a prize that every guest will want.
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